Increase Interview Training Effectiveness while Freeing up Coaches Time.

Video Interview Practice directly aligns with a career center's mission by providing job seekers with more interview practice time to help them find better jobs, all while saving the organization time and money by freeing up the coaches' time.

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Save Time

by eliminating mock interview set-up time, scheduling time and minimizing coach's involvement until the job seeker has gotten better on their own.

Save Money

by helping them get hired faster through improved interview skills -- providing them with job interview training based on their individual needs... all while saving money by saving the coach's time and eliminating the need for camera crew's set-up.

Customize It To Your Needs

customize interview questions, branding and features to match your own internal needs. Being an agile company, ViP adapts its solution to your specific needs and, unlike any other company, offers services to create specific design, functions and interview question requirements based on your needs. Among other options, we offer the ability to rewrite our code base for your specific configuration needs, uniquely allow you to input your own interview question, hints and sample responses and work with your company needs to find the best pricing plan that fits within your budget.

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